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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider U.S. Gold Corp.

Right Place, Right Time- Mounting Potential Catalysts Could Help USAU’s CK Gold Project Generate Millions
With Tesla Exceeding a $1 Trillion Market Cap,(35) The Global Copper Shortage and EV Boom May Have Created a Historic Opportunity for USAU
A Regional “Player to Watch”(20) Exploring Untapped Promise in the World’s 5th Largest Gold-Producing “Country”
U.S. Gold Corp. United States NASDAQ: (USAU) Has Staked Its Claim Where Nevada’s Gold Boom Started (23) Along With Another Project in Idaho
With 175+% Of Upside Potential (as of 3/9/22) According to Alliance Global Partners 28, U.S. Gold Corp.’s NASDAQ: (USAU) Stunning Breakout May Just Be Starting
The price of gold is soaring right now. It’s the only way to put it.

Much of this has come from one core idea: Trust in financial institutions and central banking has been waning.

This has created renewed support for tangible assets having value not based on government fiat.

“We have gold because we cannot trust governments,” President Herbert Hoover famously said in 1933 in his statement to Franklin D. Roosevelt. (1)

1933 was nearly a century ago, but with such uncertainty over the past few decades, it’s no surprise that traders have time and time again turned to safe-haven assets.

Investopedia defines a “safe haven” as a type of investment that is expected to retain or increase in value during times of market turbulence. (2)

Remember the 2008 financial crisis? Beginning in 2007 and running through 2009, gold ran to unprecedented highs and surged hundreds of dollars in price. (3)

The price of 1 ounce of gold hit an all-time record of $1,895 on September 5, 2011, in response to worries that the United States would default on its debt. (3)

CV19? It sent gold prices skyrocketing to over $2,000 an ounce in 2020. (3)

Now here we are in 2022 and uncertainty has become our daily lives.

As the Ukraine and Russia conflict intensifies, we’re seeing the price of gold on their own warpath.
And with no immediate end in sight and governments around the world scrambling for answers domestically and internationally, there might not be as good of a time to keep a close eye on gold and gold mining stocks.

Meet U.S. Gold Corp. United States NASDAQ: (USAU) and its historically promising projects. As USAU advances 4 high-potential projects: The Copper King (CK) Gold Project in Southeast Wyoming, Keystone on the Cortez Trend in North Central Nevada, Maggie Creek on the Carlin Trend in Nevada, and the Challis Gold Project located in Idaho, it could very well have a generational type of upside in this current environment. And based on 5 prime reasons, U.S. Gold Corp. United States NASDAQ: (USAU) could be the top junior mining play on the planet right now.

Reason #1 – Right Place, Right Time- Mounting Potential Catalysts Could Help USAU’s CK Gold Project Generate Millions

As USAU charges towards potentially becoming a household name among investors, it’s the company’s CK Gold Project that’s catching the ears and eyes of many. After all, one of Barrick Gold’s former top executives, George Bee, became CEO(8) of U.S. Gold Corp. United States NASDAQ: (USAU). The CK Gold Project was a significant reason why.
Bee said, “I took a look at the CK Gold Project, did my due diligence, and it has a lot going for it.”(9)
CK Gold could drive USAU to new heights for too many reasons to count. So let’s break down some of the top ones. For one, it could be a diamond in the rough and a ground floor play on inflation. Inflation is not transitory, as the Fed tried to tell us in April,(29) and could persist well into the new year. Not to mention, we’re in the midst of a supply chain crisis that’s only adding to this soaring inflation. According to Goldman Sachs, the supply chain crisis has gotten so bad that there is a traffic jam of roughly 77 ships with $24 billion worth of goods outside the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. About 40% of U.S. imports enter through these ports.(30) Have fun paying for your kid’s Christmas presents this year. Until this gets fixed, inflation will not improve. Which means potentially big things for gold and USAU. The last time inflation got this bad was in 1971. Gold, at one point, nearly tripled in one day from $42 to $120, and we could be seeing the same type of conditions today.(31) Additionally, CK Gold is in an advantageous location in mineral-rich Wyoming. The importance of geographic location cannot be overstated. Wyoming is very friendly for the resource sector with less regulation and out of Federal jurisdiction. Meaning the project can get to production much faster.(9)
“There is a lot of infrastructure very close by, including a rail spur and a rail line 2.5 miles north of the project. The company can potentially ship diesel fuel in, shift concentrate out, and have a lot of future cost savings.” – Ed Karr, Founder.
The state sure seems excited by the prospects, too, with recent local news articles hyping up the company with such headlines as “Cheyenne May Soon Boast The Only Working Gold Mine In The State of Wyoming”(34) and “Potential Gold Copper Mine Could Generate Millions For State.”(34) If continued data collection bears out hopes, the CK Gold Project could produce tens of millions in revenue for the state. Jason Begger, the spokesperson for the CK Gold Project, claims that the project becomes more certain and confident with every bit of data collected.(33) The mine site is owned by the state and located in an old copper mine that hasn’t been worked on since before World War II. The gold deposit has been known to exist for a long time. Finally, new mining technology has reached a point where experts think it could be worth reopening. If the project continues to move forward at this pace, Begger said they estimate the financial boon to the state could be in the tens of millions.
“We have partnered with the University of Wyoming and their economic analysis division, and they’ll be completing an economic impact analysis of both tax revenue to the State of Wyoming, vendors, sales tax – the kind of broader impacts – so that is in the works,” he said.(33) “It’s a nice shot in the arm for the state of Wyoming,” he said.(33)
Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of the CK Gold Project is its simplicity. It’s an open-pit mine which means its copper and gold concentrates are at surface level.(9) This can make operations much more efficient and eco-friendly.(10) Additionally, the property has a meager stripping ratio. This translates to high productivity, low operating costs, and good safety conditions from a pure investment standpoint.(11)
So buckle up. USAU saw considerable activity at the CK Gold Project in recent months.

USAU announced a positive Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) for the CK Gold Project on Dec 1, 2021. To put it mildly, it even exceeded the most potentially positive expectations. For example, see how Alliance Global Partners reacted in their Dec 2, 2021 report. In their view, the PFS outlined a robust project featuring “low-cost production of over 100,000 gold equivalent ounces per annum over a 10-year mine life.” 28

Alliance added that “given the project’s production profile of over 100,000 ounces of gold per year, strategic location in the United States, manageable CapEx, and accelerated permitting timeline, we view the CK Project as an attractive asset that warrants development.” 28

After all, the announcement did cause them to raise their price target for the company from $20 to $25.

Plus, USAU released this video on the heels of releasing its positive Pre-Feasibility Study:
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(Source 4)

With much of the heavy lifting related to Feasibility level work already completed, the project’s development may only accelerate from here.

Reason #2 – With Tesla Exceeding a $1 Trillion Market Cap,(35) The Global Copper Shortage and EV Boom May Have Created a Historic Opportunity

Let’s talk a bit about Tesla. On Oct 25, 2021, Hertz announced a record-setting order of 100,000 Teslas for its fleet, causing the stock to skyrocket over 12%, and send it to a $1 trillion+ market cap. Elon Musk’s EV giant not only became the 6th company in history to exceed the $1 trillion mark. It became the 2nd fastest ever to do so.(35)

Globally speaking, copper is strategically essential. Industries that produce solar panels, windmills, and electric vehicles are frantically looking for more and more supply.(5) But do you know what each brand new Tesla requires? Around 80 kg (176 lbs) of copper! (36)

The potential for copper makes US Gold Corp (NASDAQ:USAU) even more intriguing, outside of being a potential inflation hedge. While the CK Project is estimated to hold nearly 700,000 ounces of gold awaiting extraction, the company estimates the mine has a mind-blowing 230 million pounds of copper.(33) Other estimates show that the CK mine may hold enough copper to build about a million electric vehicles.(26)

Another significant catalyst to consider is its location. It’s located roughly 2 miles north of a central East-West Union Pacific rail line, giving it potentially easy rail access to Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory.(37)

To possibly be THE copper supplier for the world’s latest $1 trillion giant could be game-changing. It’s not just Tesla, though, that could cause this property to see a surge in copper demand. Traditional automakers like General Motors Co. and Ford are going electric, which means a supply boom is expected, causing copper demand to soar.(37) This could be American copper from a future American mine, creating American jobs. CK spokesman, Jason Begger, was also sure to point out that as Wyoming and the country embrace new technologies like EVs, manufacturers will require a lot of copper – copper the CK Gold Project could produce.(33) Begger also added that the project is roughly a 10-year operation.(33)

Meanwhile, to add to the theme of sustainability, the CK Gold Project should run far cleaner. The company does not intend to use hazardous chemicals; there’s no refinery or air-polluting smokestack. In fact, the hole in the ground can potentially be used for water storage for the city of Cheyenne.(9)

There could even be other deals for the waste rock, adding even more revenue potential and reducing environmental impact.(9) Another significant usage of copper is wind turbines. Wyoming for decades profited from the coal mining industry but is now one of the states leading the way in the future of clean energy. Wyoming is the largest exporter of energy in the United States and ranks first in land-based class 6 and 7 wind turbine sites.(37)

Trafigura Group believes copper could hit $15,000 a ton over the next decade, according to Bloomberg.(6)

After all, “You can’t move to a green economic environment and not have the copper price moving significantly higher,” says Kostas Bintas, a trader at Trafigura. “How can you have one without the other?”(7)

You can see more about the CK Gold Project below. (It’s quite eye-opening!)

Reason #3 – A Regional “Player to Watch”(20) Exploring Untapped Promise in the World’s 5th Largest Gold-Producing “Country”(17)

Its Wyoming operations with the CK Project are its bread and butter. Yet USAU is also exploring a project with untapped potential in Nevada, aka the 5th largest gold-producing “country” in the world.(17)

In fact, in 2017 alone, Nevada claimed to have seen roughly 5.6 million oz. of gold produced, accounting for approximately 75% of American gold production.(18)

Historically, the region has also produced approximately 225 million oz. of gold. Thanks to Nevada’s pro-mining environment, geopolitical stability, and high-quality infrastructure, this could be yet another bullish catalyst for U.S. Gold.(19)

After all, INN Gold Investing News recently deemed U.S. Gold Corp. United States NASDAQ: (USAU) a regional “player to watch.”(20) U.S. Gold Corp. is currently exploring for gold in the Keystone project in the heart of the Cortez Gold Trend. It’s also about 10 miles south of Barrick’s Cortez Hills Mine Complex.
Even more impressive, the trend appears to host numerous deposits:(21)
In May 2021, the company received confirmation from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that it accepted additional bonding for a further 50 acres of disturbance under its effective Plan of Operations. As a result, the company announced an update for its potential 2021 summer exploration program at its 20-square-mile Keystone project, located in Nevada’s Cortez Trend.(22) Ken Coleman, U.S. Gold Corp.’s Chief Geologist, stated:

“All of us were encouraged with our previous drilling results and feel strongly that additional exploration efforts are warranted in select target areas. Extensive ongoing analysis has brought us to this point, and we are excited to continue to test Keystone’s potential. Encountering the strongest, thickest gold mineralization, in the Nina Skarn target, has demonstrated the presence of a strong, gold-bearing Eocene magmatic-hydrothermal system at Keystone.”(22)

Reason #4 – Beyond Cortez Trend, U.S. Gold Corp. United States Has Staked Its Claim Where Nevada’s Gold Boom Started(23) Along With Another Project in Idaho

U.S. Gold Corp. (United States NASDAQ: (USAU) is also exploring Maggie Creek. Maggie Creek, a project located on the Carlin Trend- another one of the world’s most highly prospective mineral trends. Maggie Creek is located roughly 10 miles northeast of Newmont Mining’s Gold Quarry Mine.
Additionally, there could be nearly three square miles of unpatented mining claims on this potentially gold-rich project (26 M oz Au).(21)

Furthermore, back in June, U.S. Gold Corp. announced the successful completion of 2021 Drilling at Maggie Creek. U.S. Gold Corp. drilled 4,440 feet (approx. 1,353 meters) in 2 holes. Drilling successfully identified targeted structure, host stratigraphy, and Carlin-style alteration at similar depths to current mining operations along the Carlin Gold Belt.(39) Most of all, the strength of alteration and anomalous geochemistry warrant potential additional exploration.(39)

In addition to Maggie Creek, U.S. Gold Corp. boasts the Challis Gold Project, another project with significant upside exploration potential. It’s located about 75 km southwest of Salmon, ID, and 20 km southwest of Revival Gold’s Beartrack Project in the Tertiary Challis Volcanic Field. The project is also located close to the Stibnite Au project, Bear Track Au project, Delamar Ag-Au mine, Coeur d’Alene Ag- Zn-Pb mines, Black Pine Au mine, and Thompson Creek Mo mine.(25) Ken Coleman, U.S. Gold Corp.’s Chief Geologist, added:

“There are several opportunities at Challis, including further exploration of cobalt-copper showings on the project and developing a better structural picture of low-strip-ratio existing gold resources with upside expansion potential. Challis has an historic (not-current) NI 43-101 geological report showing a 313,825-ounce gold inferred mineral resource at a grade of 1.22 grams per ton. Our whole team believes that with additional exploration, Challis has the potential to become a significant resource.”(24)

Reason #5 – With 175+% Of Upside Potential (as of 3/9/22) According to Alliance Global Partners 28, U.S. Gold Corp.’s Stunning Breakout May Just Be Starting

Reflecting how explosive junior miners can perform relative to physical commodities, the USAU stock has been no exception. After touching a low of $6.16 on Feb 15, 2022, the stock has seen a strong uptrend, advancing to a $9.79 high on Mar 8, 2022..
Physical gold’s performance since the beginning of February could signal a strong correlation.

The Key Takeaway:

USAU is one to watch closely. Gold prices may only be heating up. Its gold mining prospects are excellent inflation hedges, with transformative upside potential. No signs are in place that inflation could get better well into 2022. In a note to clients, Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, reflected this and said, “A quick resolution, either way, is very unlikely. Uncertainty will persist for some time.”(47)

Its copper prospects are also perfect for the EV boom and push for a cleaner, sustainable world. Tesla just reached a $1 trillion market cap,(35) and its CK Project could be 2 miles north of a central East-West Union Pacific rail line, giving it potentially quick and easy rail access to Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory.(37)

Couple that with a strong, experienced, and high-quality team running the company, and you have all the ingredients of a big-time winner in the near term and long term. H.C. Wainwright gave USAU a $16.00 price target for a reason.(28)

With over 50% of upside potential from its Mar 9, 2022 close of $9.00 based on this target, along with the rally it’s seen since the beginning of February, watch out. Very few companies are at the right place at the right time from numerous angles like this one.

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Company Information

U.S. Gold Corp. operates as a gold and precious metals exploration company. It explores for gold, copper, silver, and zinc deposits.